A meeting

The story of the Chateau de Fontenay is also the story of how two families moved to the Loire Valley at different times, to come to a more than interresting meeting in the end.

Didier and Carole Corby settled the first in the Loire Valley, around 15 years ago. Working in several wineyards and seeing all the aspects of the wine growing, they ended by creating their own wineyard, fed by the lofe of a quality work.

Then, almost 10 years ago, Nathalit and Philippe Carli joined them. They bought the Chateau de Fontenay and gave it back a certain elegance, while comitting themselves to developp the nature and it’s historic wineyards. It is quite easy to fall in love with such a land!

Add a fair value to the wonderful work done by the wine-maker Didier Corby, while respecting and developping the nature around, this is what both our families are now comitted to!

N&P by Jean-Emmanuel HAY

Nathalie and Philippe Carli