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Portrait de Nathalie Carli



Owner of the Château since 2006. From reception to the upkeep of the estate, Nathalie runs all the services on our estate as well as managing the staff at your service. From her beginnings in engineering to her current occupation, much water has flown under the bridge. Filled with diverse artistic talents, she has finally started to let express them.
Little by little, Nathalie has created a whole universe, to which the estate is marvelously suited.

Portrait de Julie



In charge of the developing and animating the Château’s enotourism, from the wines to the vineyards, Julie has a lot of work on her plate. It is possible that, when phoning the estate, she will be the person answering. You long for a wine tasting session during a stroll in a canoe, then its her you’ll need!


Electrician by training, Anthony is to the Château what Alfed Pennyworth is to Bruce Wayne. He makes sure the estate’s multiple infrastructures are all functioning, and takes care of all the problems that can occur on such a large estate.

How did we arrive here?

It is the story of two families. The first from the Val de Loire, the other from the Paris region. Today, their lives have brought them here, to collaborating with vine and vineyards, upon this beautiful Château overlooking the Cher.

Didier and Carole Corby produce the wine, in collaboration with Nathalie and Philippe Carli who renovate the estate and direct its future.

The History of Le Château de Fontenay

The Château has a two-sided story. The first beginning in 1680, where this gradual hill was mounted by a dwelling and its various outbuildings. A real estate with a mill, a bakery, a winemaker and other professions.

At the time of the Prussian departure, and because the town of Bléré would not submit to the financial demands, the castle was burnt down. Some years later, an Parisien architect and painter, Auguste Bucquet, purchases the estate and rebuilds the Château in 1891, more or less in its original design.

Over the past century, we have found numerous archive images that we will gladly share once it will be possible for us to digitalise them.

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