Our wines

Our different wines

Harvested and worked at the Chateau, our wines make their historic terroir speak for itself.

White, Red, Rosés or sparkling,
All our wines benefit from the same passion, from a historic land that provides complex flavours and from the subtility developped by our wine-maker…

Most of our wines have the name of one of our children. Our children, who represent as much our futur than our past. But some names come from local histories, that you’ll only be able to know by visiting us… !

Why the Loire valley ?

This wonderful region, varied and fertile, produces some exceptionnal wines that defy competition from “great” wine-making places.

The nature of the Loire valley allows us to produce wines flexible as well as built, and allows us to work those subtle balances without having too much alcohol as the sun forces in other regions.

Be my guest ! Find me sauvignons as rich as ours, with only 12% of alcohol..? Wines as powerful and spicy as our Côt, but with only 12,5% of alcohol..?