Our red wines



Rounded and well-balanced

Year : 2009

“With its black cherry scent and racy body, here is a marriage of intense and elegant savours. Delicately wooded, vanilla notes associated with a well-rounded palate contribute to making this wine a marvel of subtlety and harmony.”


One Star in Hachette Guide of Wines 2012, Gold “Ligers” (Loire Wine Fair 2015)

Grape variety : Cabernet Franc and Côt, Red wine cellaring potential 5-8 years






Cool and Fruity

Year : 2013

“A beautiful ruby-red colour, both bright and brilliant gives this Gaùay a finesse which temps with fruity indulgence and femininity. A wine of rare elegance.”


“Ligers” of Bronze, Loire Wine Faire 2014

Grape Variety : Gamay and Côt, Red wine, cellaring potential up to 3 years








Spicy and full of character

Year : 2013

“The colour is rich red-purple and the aromas of under-growth, grilled capsicum and peppery spices are intoxicating. The wines well-balanced harmony associates finesse with pure indulgence and intensity.”


Grape cariety : Côt, red wine, cellaring potential 7-10 ans



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Specification sheet Reserve de Jean 2015

Specification sheet Sainte Marguerite 2015

Specification sheet Vignes de Paul 2015