Our terroir

Our terroir, to discover

fontenay-loire-vin-nature_1chateau-fontenay-loire-vin-terroir-fenetre_1Located in Blere and Athee sur Cher, close to Chenonceaux and Amboise, our winyard get their heady pleasures from the Loire valley’s terroir.

We board the Cher river, where a beautiful climate comes most days to allow our grapes to seize all the aromatic power of our sandy soil.

Offering a diversifyed oenological land, the Loire valley comes to entertain you with an elegant and subtil complexity of flavours.
That belongs to us and look like us!

Discover it !

(Yes, it is so difficult to describre it with words…!)

Map of the appellations Contrôlées du Val de Loire.


You want to discover the region? Taste our wines while stayin in a magnificent and full of history region?

We propose you walks and sophisticated stays…